Nitrogen N2 Gas
Nitrogen - N2 (Gas)
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Nitrogen - N2 (Gas)

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Note, this product ships to commercial addresses only. 

High Precision Gas offers gaseous Nitrogen (N2) - 300 cubic feet


  • Ultra-High Purity (UHP) Grade - 99.999%
  • Boiling point: -320.4°F (-195.8°C)
  • Melting point: -346°F (-210 °C)
  • Vapor pressure: 2,640 psig at 70°F (21.1°C) for 300 cf cylinder
  • Molecular formula: N2
  • CAS Number: 7727-37-9


  • Without cylinder (Customer supplies own cylinder)
  • Purchase cylinder (Customer buys and owns the cylinder)
  • Rent cylinder *We will charge a deposit of $300 per cylinder, which will be refunded upon return of the cylinder.  The minimum rental period is (1) day, which includes the day the cylinder leaves our facilities through 4:00 p.m. the next day.  The rental cost of a 300 cf carbon steel cylinder is calculated at $0.75 per day.

High Precision Gas provides ultra-high purity nitrogen gas that can be used in an array of applications including carrier and purging gas, chemical synthesis, and instrument calibration. We deliver in a variety of dewars and high-pressure, cylinder packages.

Nitrogen gas is often used for

  • Production of pharmaceuticals
  • Preventing the spoiling of foods
  • Eliminating toxic vapors
  • Producing electronic components
  • Helping to bleach flour
  • Oxidation reactions

Nitrogen is so vital because it is a major component of chlorophyll, the compound by which plants use sunlight energy to produce sugars from water and carbon dioxide (i.e., photosynthesis). It is also a major component of amino acids, the building blocks of proteins. Without proteins, plants wither and die. Some proteins act as structural units in plant cells while others act as enzymes, making possible many of the biochemical reactions on which life is based. Nitrogen is a component of energy-transfer compounds, such as ATP (adenosine triphosphate). ATP allows cells to conserve and use the energy released in metabolism. Finally, nitrogen is a significant component of nucleic acids such as DNA, the genetic material that allows cells (and eventually whole plants) to grow and reproduce.

Nitrogen has been used for years for preserving perishables during their transport and storage. A lot of common foods like potato chips are shipped in nitrogen-filled containers or bags, as well as perishable liquids like wines. One of the reasons that it's so commonly used is that nitrogen gas is heavier than oxygen. Because of this, nitrogen pushes out the lighter oxygen when pumped into the container so that the oxygen doesn’t damage the product including cannabis.