Carbon Dioxide - CO2 (Gas)
Carbon Dioxide - CO2 (Gas)
Carbon Dioxide - CO2 (Gas)
Carbon Dioxide - CO2 (Gas)
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Carbon Dioxide - CO2 (Gas)

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Gaseous Food Grade Carbon Dioxide - CO2


  • Food Grade 99.9% pure carbon dioxide - CO2
  • Boiling point: -109.2°F (-78.45°C)
  • Flash point: 100-200 °F (38-93 °C)
  • Vapor pressure: 850 PSI at 70°F (21.1°C)
  • Molecular formula: CO2
  • CAS Number: 124-38-9


  • Available in:
    • 5 Pounds Food Grade CO2
    • 20 Pounds Food Grade CO2
    • 50 Pounds Food Grade CO2
  • Without cylinder (Customer supplies own cylinder)
  • Purchase cylinder (Customer buys and owns the cylinder)
  • Rent cylinder *We will charge a deposit for the cylinder, which will be refunded upon return of the cylinder.  The minimum rental period is (1) day, which includes the day the cylinder leaves our facilities through 4:00 p.m. the next day.  The rental cost of an aluminum cylinder is calculated as follows:
    • Cylinder for 5 pounds ($0.30 per day)
    • Cylinder for 20 pounds ($0.50 per day)
    • Cylinder for 50 pounds ($1.00 per day)

    Carbon Dioxide (CO2) fluid extraction is commonly referred to as supercritical fluid extraction.  Bringing carbon dioxide over its physical critical points on both pressure and temperature, carbon dioxide (CO2) enters a special phase dubbed the “supercritical phase.” In the supercritical phase, carbon dioxide (CO2) will have the physical properties of both liquid and gas.

    Advantages of using carbon dioxide (CO2):

    • Low boiling point: -109.2°F (-78.45°C)
    • High vapor pressure: 853 PSI at 69.8°F (21°C)
    • Non-flammable -generally considered safer than other extraction methods
    • High cooling effect – refrigerant quality
    • Less likely to damage terpenes

    Disadvantages of using carbon dioxide (CO2):

    • High pressure to reach supercritical state - above 1071 psi with a temperature above 31°C
    • Takes a longer time than other extraction methods
    • Smaller yields - inefficient removing cannabinoids from biomass
    • High startup cost – equipment can be expensive to freeze CO2 gas and compresses it into the supercritical cold liquid state
    • Toxic if consumed in large quantities - 3% concentration can lead to impairment and asphyxiation at 10% concentration

    As a gas, supercritical CO2 can move easily through solids. While as a liquid, supercritical CO2 can efficiently dissolve compounds into the solution. These supercritical properties make supercritical fluid extraction very efficient and optimal for botanical extraction. 

    Subcritical is very similar in terms of extraction principle but utilizes fluid right under its critical temperature, which gives fluid more gaseous properties so that it can get into more space between plant particles. Subcritical extraction is ideal in extracting high-quality terpenes from the cannabis plant.