Media Bros CRX and CRY

Media Bros' CRX™ and CRY™ are not a powder, they do not need to be baked first or prepped before use. They will not absorb moisture prior to use. Additionally, because CRX™ and CRY™ are not a powder, they will flow faster than powders. Make sure your flow is gentile and consistent. Please read through the tips and guides.



Solvent to Biomass: ratios range from 6:1 to 10:1 depending on the quality of the plant matter you are distilling. Lower ratios for top-tier biomass, higher ratios for older or lower quality biomass.

Media to Biomass: Load 150 - 250 grams of filter media into filtration housing for every 1 lb of biomass. The media quantity used is dependent on the quality of the biomass. Higher quality biomass requires less media. Lower quality biomass requires more media. The lookup table can be used as a reference, but because every kind of plant matter is different you will need to experiment a little bit in order to achieve the best results. That said - this chart is a really great baseline to start.

Biomass CRX™ Media use based on grade
Plant Matter Low Grade Medium Grade High Grade
1 lb 250 g 200 g 150 g
2 lbs 500 g 400 g 300 g
5 lbs 1,250 g 1,000 g 750 g
10 lbs 2,500 g 2,000 g 1,500 g
15 lbs 3,750 g 3,000 g 2,250 g
20 lbs 5,000 g 4,000 g 3,000 g
25 lbs 6,250 g 5,000 g 3,750 g
30 lbs 7,500 g 6,000 g 4,500 g
50 lbs 12,500 g 10,000 g 7,500 g
100 lbs 25,000 g 20,000 g 15,000 g



Maintain a temperature of -10C or lower through the media. Media Bros' media will not clog.


Maintain a flow rate at a maximum 1gpm when transferring from biomass vessel to the recovery vessel. A consistent and gentle flow works best with our media.

To prevent channeling, avoid sudden hydraulic surges through the CRC column.

A shower or initial fill of the column have been reported as as idea.


Any lost yield can be fully recovered by flushing the media with solvent. Most users report achieving substantial yield gains by maintaining high solvent to biomass ratios, or flushing our media after an extraction transfer.