HPG Educational Series

 High Precision Gas Product Education Series



Argon Gas

Argon (Ar) Gas as a preservative. Argon is used to displace oxygen- and moisture-containing air in packaging material to extend the shelf-lives of the products. By displacing the oxygen in a container or container headspace with argon, the product's exposure to oxygen is minimized, which results in benefits such as longer shelf life and extended retention of flavor, color, and texture.

Packed food, wine, high-purity chemicals, and pharmaceuticals are often packed and sealed in argon to preserve freshness and extend shelf life.



CDA-12A - Ethanol Heptane Mix

Completely Denatured Alcohol (CDA 12A) is simply a blend between two different chemicals.  The Starting product is 200 proof ethanol blended with 5% high-purity n-Heptane. 

Denatured alcohol is just alcohol with ingredients added to make it toxic to human consumption.

CDA 12A is primarily used for laboratory and research use. It is becoming more and more popular as a process solvent for various pharmaceutical and botanical purposes. In the cannabis and hemp industries, CDA 12A is used in ethanol extraction to remove the oil-based cannabinoids from the plant.

Given CDA-12A is not meant for human consumption, regulations are reduced.  CDA 12A incurs no federal excise tax, does not require any permits to buy or store, does not have storage limits imposed by the Tobacco and Trade Bureau (TTB), and does not require record-keeping with the TTB.

 CDA 12A has recently grown in popularity due to the boom in the cannabis and hemp industries. The hemp and cannabis extracts are produced for consumer packaged goods like CBD gummies, CBD oil drops and tinctures, CBD skincare & topicals.

CDA 12A is a great option to save time, money, and hassle. It is a notable alternative to pure ethanol for specific pharmaceutical uses along with botanical extraction. There is a rising demand for CDA-12A hydrocarbons due to the growing use of hemp and cannabis.