Extraction Grade™ & Solvent Grade™ Products

Extraction Grade™ & Solvent Grade™

High purity LPGs and Chemicals designed for medical and food processing application

High Precision Gas is the world leader in high purity liquid petroleum gases (LPGs) and chemicals for essential oils and aroma extraction from both fresh and dry plant matter. Our high purity products are paired with strict standards ensuring the highest quality, most consistent packaged solvent products available. Contact one of our gas specialists today and learn more about the advantages of High Precision Gas. Contact Us.

Our Extraction Grade™ LPGs and Solvent Grade™ Chemicals are specifically tailored to final product extractors; they are refined, distilled, and explicitly designed for critical applications that require the assurance of high purity. We thrive to engineer specialty products that help the user maximize results and yield, minimize processing time, and be compliant with local, state, and national guidelines and regulations.

For HPG, quality and safety are paramount. HPG products do not include any salvage residual gases or chemicals and always utilizes dedicated lines, filters, pumps, and hoses for the transfer of each product. Our ISO-certified facility ensures specialized processes are in place to guarantee purity and eliminate any potential contaminants. Our products are tested and backed by our state-of-the-art, onsite laboratory and lab technicians. HPG will replace non-compliant valves and complete a 15-point inspection of vessels to deliver safely packaged products to the user.


Extraction Grade™ LPG's  Solvent Grade™ Chemicals
High Precision Gas Extraction Grade LPG
High Precision Gas Solvent Grade Chemicals